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Toyota LC GRJ78 4.0 Gasoline Manual E ZT MY 2023

Toyota LC VDJ79

MY 2023

90L Gasoline

5-Speed M/T



  • Engine:  V6 ,24V,DOHC, EFI, VVTI

  • Displacement:  3956CC / 228HP

  • FR. Suspension:  STD Coil Spring

  • RR. Suspension:  STD Leaf Spring

  • FR. Brake:  V. Disc

  • RR. Brake:  Drum

  • Tyres/Wheels:  225/95R16 Gray Painted

Vehicle Features


  • Digital: Clock
  • Inner Rearview Mirror: Day/Night
  • Fr. Seat Belt: 3PELRX2 + 2PNRX1
  • Rr. Seat Belt: 2P X 6
  • Head Rest: With Front (2 Nos.)


  • Bumper: Fr. & Rr. Painted + Chrome / Painted
  • Mud Guards: Fr. & Rr.
  • Outer Mirror: Colour Keyed Chrome Plated
  • Side Step: With
  • Windshield Glass Green Laminated


  • Ac/Heater, Antenna
  • Meter Illumination Control
  • AM Radio, Stereo ETR 1Spk
  • Window Defogger
  • Wiper Fr


  • Power/Tilt, Telescopic


  • Air Bag: D + P


  • Free Wheel Hub, Glove Box
  • Floor Mats, Free Wheel Hub
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Radiator Grille, Rear Fog Lamp
  • Snorkel, USB Fast Charger

Product Description

The Toyota Land Cruiser GRJ78 4.0 Gasoline E ZT MY 2023 is a very popular hard top wagon that boasts a powerful 90 L gasoline V6 engine, delivering plenty of power and torque – perfect for jaunts around town or longer road trips.

Engine performance

The 3956CC, V6, 24V, DOHC, EFI, and VVTI engine guarantees optimal torque performance enabling maximum vehicle potential on any terrain. With its advanced technology and fuel injection system, the Toyota Land Cruiser-78’s engine allows for efficient power delivery while maintaining low emissions.


The exterior of the Toyota LC GRJ78 Gasoline E ZT MY 2023 is certainly eye-catching. The bumpers, painted with chrome elements and mudguards adorning both front and rear, make for a visually impressive vehicle. The outer mirror has color-keyed chrome plated, and green laminated windshield glass.


The interior of the 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser GRJ78 Gasoline hard top wagon is advanced, with a digital clock for convenience, as well as an inner rearview mirror with day/night capabilities for safe visibility. Additionally, this model includes 3PELRX2 and 2PNRX1 front seat belts, along with 2PX6 rear seat belts for added safety and protection. Finally, it is equipped with two headrests in the front that are sure to provide increased ease and comfort while driving long-distance.

Export New 2023 Toyota LC GRJ78 Gasoline Wagon from Dubai

The Toyota LC GRJ78 4.0 Gasoline Manual E ZT MY 2023 vehicle is perfect for those wanting to travel in style, safety and comfort. Available at Planitium, the Toyota LC-78 wagon can be shipped anywhere in Africa, Latin America and South America from Dubai. All necessary shipping and customs arrangements are handled by Planitium’s experienced logistics team, so there is no worry about the car reaching its destination safely and on time. With this exceptional product from the Toyota family, one can conquer any terrain with confidence.

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