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Toyota Hiace

Toyota HiAce Minivan

Toyota HiAce is a light commercial vehicle that is produced by Toyota. HiAce is available in wide range of body configurations that includes minivan/MPV, minibus, panel van, crew van, pickup truck, taxi and ambulance. Toyota HiAce is built to be strong, reliable and designed to keep the value better and longer. Inside the cabin one can find handy storage spaces, map lights and USB port [G10] for all the needs.

Toyota HiAce Features
Most variants of Toyota HiAce variants use four-cylinder DOHC engine. HiAce comes with either a 2KD-FTV 2500 cc or 1KD-FTV 3,000 cc D-4D turbo-diesel engine or a 1TR-FE 2000 cc or 2TR-FE 2700 cc petrol engine. The most preferred is the 5L – E 3000cc diesel engine. The sixth generation HiAce is designed to have 2 engine variants, a turbocharged 2.8 L 1GD-FTV inline-four diesel engine or a naturally aspirated 3.5 L 7GR-FKS V6 petrol engine.
Toyota HiAce has a big space that can accommodate more than 10 people and can offer all the space comfortable journey. They are also designed to have big cargo space, sliding doors and side steps. Safety features include advanced SRS air bags, anti - lock braking system and reverse sensors.

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