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Toyota Coaster

Toyota Coaster Mini Bus from Dubai

Export Toyota Coaster mini bus from Dubai. Planitium export brand new Toyota Coaster buses to Africa, Latin America and South America from Dubai.
Looking for a spacious, comfortable cabin, Toyota’s Coaster is built to last. The balanced combination of economy, luxury and performance makes it an attractive solution for many small bus operations. Toyota’s high level mechanical ability maximizes your return on investment. Strict quality standards are followed and every component with lining of brakes are designed with an eye for performance.

Toyota Coaster Bus Features:
Designed and manufactured with anti-corrosion steels, anti-chip paint applied to front and rear wheel arches. Comfortable roomy interiors and the aerodynamic designed body reduced drag and fuel consumption. The headlamps are designed in such a way that driving on dark trips are hassle free. Luxurious automatic doors, generous headroom, legroom and comfortable seat, high ceiling and large windows are few things to mention.
Toyota Coaster mini buses are efficient with fuel. Smooth, powerful Coaster has a 4.0L Turbo diesel engine which offers 110KW of power making all the journey effortless and comfortable. Toyota’s Deluxe and standard models come with 6 speed automatic transmission facility for easy manoeuvring. The body of the Toyota Coaster is designed to slice through the wind and slanted windshield, flush surfaces and snug fit front and rear bumpers minimizes the air resistance and provides easy handling.
Toyota Coaster Buses are not built only with comfort in mind but has also employed wide safety measures. Quality braking system, 2 point seat belts, emergency locking retractor, four emergency exit, anti-skid braking system to facilitate optimal braking distance, warning light when the doors are not closed properly for additional safety.

Export Brand New Toyota Coaster Buses to Africa and Latin America:
Planitium exports an array of SUV’s, trucks, buses, delivery vans from various brands along with its variants. We operate as a one stop solution for all your vehicle needs. We export a wide range of Coaster mini buses to Latin America, Africa and Asian countries from Dubai, UAE. Our team of experts help you choose from a wide range of LHD vehicles for both private and commercial uses. Reach our experts and get to know about the vehicle, discuss and choose the one that best suits your needs and get it delivered to your location without any trouble.