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Car Export to Myanmar (Burma)

There was a time when Burma was considered to be a hotspot for guerilla activities and the land was known was its military unrest. Maybe for Burma, that time has never passed since it is still faced with military unrest, but the people have made consistent efforts to rise above this threat and make way towards economic progress. Burma is officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and is normally called as Myanmar, which is the new name for the country. This land was initially the spot where one could find a lot of tribal settlement and over the years it has become a full-fledged land of city dwellers who are surrounded by buildings and the concrete jungle.

Although the country has been independent for many years, the guerilla activities it has witnessed have been because of the rampant civil wars which have not been resolved despite the involvement of the United Nations and other such international bodies. But this does not undermine the potential for economic growth that is possible in Burma. This country is very rich in jade and gems as well as the most precious commodity in the world today, oil. Because of the ongoing civil wars it has not been able to explore its potential to the fullest and so it has been ranked among the poorer states in the South East Asian region. But Myanmar has some definite points in its favor which make it an ideal option for trade activities.

The biggest advantage that this country has is the unrestricted access to the coastline on the Bay of Bengal. Unlike its neighbors like Laos, this country is not landlocked and so it does not have to be dependent on its neighbors for promotion of trade activities. This means that for companies in other countries, this can be a good destination for exports. Companies and traders, who are especially involved in the export of cars and automobiles, can make use of this opportunity to export cars to this country. Cars and other such means of transport have become more of a necessity. No country can survive without automobiles and so this is an ideal situation for exporting automobiles to this region.

Apart from retail, trade and automobiles, the country has a lot of interest in agriculture and livestock rearing. As is the case with other Asian countries, rice is an important crop which is cultivated in Myanmar. It is also the second largest producer of opium in the world. Tourism is also a very popular segment of the economic development and this is another region which, in conjunction with the automobile industry, can witness tremendous growth in a short while.