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Car Export to Cambodia

The world is an oyster and people who know where to look can most definitely seek out very valuable pearls that can be treasured for the rest of their lives. One such pearl that has been discovered and cherished is the country of Cambodia. Known as one of the most sought after destinations for holidays and travels, there is much more that can be seen here. The Kingdom of Cambodia was once known as Khmer Empire and even today, the culture belonging to this era is still alive. Traditional artefacts and sculptures form an important part of the economy here.

The economy of the Kingdom of Cambodia is largely dependent on Tourism. It has a per capita income of $2470 which has been rising rapidly. The country has been working diligently towards exploring new avenues of trade and towards this end they have started interacting with other countries for gaining exposure in trade and commerce initiatives. Many different industries have come up in the country in recent years. However, till date, most rural households still depend on agriculture. The major exports that take place from this country are rice, timber, fish and rubber. The garments industry too is very well known and that is another sector which sees a high number of exports. In the field of rice, 750 new varieties have been introduced here which has been a major push for promoting trade and export.

Investments come into the country from all sources, with China being the second biggest source of investment for Cambodia. The country has been steadily bringing in financial stability with the establishment of the National Bank of Cambodia and other regulatory financial institutions. Many more banks and micro finance institutes have also come up which have helped improve the credit situation in the kingdom.

One other activity that has contributed to a very large extent to the economic stability of the country is the automobile industry. Car manufacturers and sourcing companies who export cars and other types of automobiles have discovered a very good and stable market in Cambodia not just for selling the cars but also for manufacture and distribution.