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Car Export to Cuba

Definitely worth a visit! Not only because it is the biggest island of the Caribbeans (more than 11 million inhabitants on 109.000 km²) but because of its particular status and its magic atmosphere shared by the happy Cubans around dance, music, rum and cigars. Would you decide to stay in a guest house, in the hotel Nacional or in Saratoga, the experience will be unique, as you shall visit the Malecon, the historical centre, its “catedral de la virgin Maria de la conception immaculada”. Take a walk in the street from which you can admire the colonial architecture and stop in one of the places known as Hemingway’s favourites: la Bodegita del Medio for a mojito or la Floridita for a daiquiri. For the beach go to Los Cayos, for the tobacco plantation to Pinar del Rio and Vinales, for unbelievable crabs migration to Maria la Gorda, for Unesco world heritage site to Camaguey, for history and revolution, do visit Santiago de Cuba.

Relying on some agreements with countries such as “oil for doctors” with Venezuela, the economical situation of Cuba is known and it seems that several reforms started by current president Raul Castro are already delivering promising changes. Main minerals in Cuba are nickel and cobalt, some oil reserves start to be explored in the north of the island. Cuba’s major exports are sugar, nickel, tobacco, fish, medical products, citrus, and coffee. Imports include food, fuel, clothing, and machinery. Planitium’s development team will propose our full range of products, services and contacts to help Cuba on its changing path for the coming years.