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Car Export to Panama

We cannot talk about Panama without naming its Canal: we were there on 14th December 1999 when the United States of America gave its management back to the nationals in presence of former US President Jimmy Carter. Its geographic location between Central and South America gives this country a real trading culture. It has obviously developed into a major hub for import-export.

With an area of a bit more than 75.000 km² and less than 4 million people the economy is mainly based on a well developed service sector, heavily weighted towards banking, commerce, tourism, and trading, especially through the famous Colon Free Trade Zone. An important part of Panama’s GDP is still generated by the Canal’s toll revenue. The expansion project of the Panama Canal, combined with the conclusion of a free trade agreement with the United States, is expected to boost the economy and has given rise to large construction projects for which Planitium is happy to offer its services and products.