export brand new lhd vehicles only

Car Export to Argentina

Once again the size of the country is huge and makes every region a different universe. In Buenos Aires go to Plaza 25 de Mayo where you can admire the Casa Rosa, walk through the art square of La Boca, spend a week-end on the rio Tigre, see a show of Tango in the Casa Blanca and taste the incomparable meat in the Parilla del Pegaso. Then, cross the Andes to reach Mendoza and there, visit the vineyards La bodega san Felipe La Rural, Norton, Chandon… they are breathtaking. Travel to Santa Rosa and stay in one of the numerous estancias, ride horses en la Pampa like a Gaucho and feel the nature around you. On your way south to the Tierra del Fuego make a stop to see one of the most amazing glaciers: the Perito moreno. If you didn’t see them yet from Brazil, don’t miss the Iguazu falls and if you go in winter, you can go skiing in Bariloche.

Its land covers nearly 2.8 million km² for around 42 million inhabitants. Argentina is the third largest economy in South America. Its single largest sector is manufacturing all kind of products amongst which food processing, motors vehicles, auto parts, refinery products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, farm machinery, electronics, whilst several imports are still needed.