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Car Export to Peru

Before drinking your beverage, drop part of it on the ground for the “Pacha Mama”. Seat of the Inca empire, the largest of the pre-Columbian American culture with an amazing geographical diversity between north and south, Andes and Pacific ocean. We can only enumerate some of the places not to be missed if you visit Peru but keep in mind that whatever time you have, it won’t be enough…and you will want to come back! Chiclayo (Bruning museum and Sipan site), Trujillo (Chan-Chan and totoras), Lima, Arequipa, (ciudad blanca and its Monastery of Santa Catalina, its “Canyon del Colca” over which condors fly majestically, Huaraz (glacier of Pastoruri) Nazca (mysterious lines), las islas Ballestas (marine wildlife), Cuzco (el valle del Urubamba, Oyentaytambo, Machu Picchu), Puno (Island of the sun on the highest lake of the planet.. lake Titicaca).

Peru is around 31 million people speaking Spanish and Quechua for a bit less than 1.3 million km². It is divided in three regions, the narrow plains near the coast, the highlands with Altiplano and Andes and its highest peak “Huascaran” reaching 6,768 m and the interior rain forests of the Amazon. Peru has at the moment one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Its main exports include copper, gold, zinc. Its mining activity is impressive. Planitium will focus on this sector to primarily offer vehicles and machinery.