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Car Export to Bolivia

Does not have a coast but has a lot of other wonders like the highest lake in the world (lake Titicaca), Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat of more than 10.000 km², the crater of Maragua in Sucre, the mountains of “the Cordillera Real de Bolivia, its Capital La Paz or Nuestra Senora de La Paz. Bolivian people are amongst the nicest and most authentic of Latin America. Their history is full of mystery such as all the secret sciences that you can learn by visiting the archaeological site of Tehuanaco. More to the south you have Cochabamba, smaller but fantastic city, we recommend you to have a coffee on the main square, near the rhododendrons, the atmosphere is peaceful. Finally, Santa Cruz is only 400 meters above sea level, it is the economic city of Bolivia with a tropical humid climate…not to be missed.

With 1.1 million km² and a bit less than 11 million people, Bolivia is a landlocked country but its central position traced its border with five countries which covers most of South America. Its imports come mainly through the Chilean ports. Lots of mineral resources make mining one of its core economic activities but these also include agriculture, forestry and manufacturing textile and clothes. It also has the second largest gas reserve in South America. It is developing fast and its natural resources and central position in South America make it a core target for Planitium, especially towards importing of transport and construction material.