export brand new lhd vehicles only

Car Export to Honduras

From Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula it will take you less the four hours by bus. From San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba it will take you less than three hours. During the ride you will discover perfect landscapes of Latin America with tropical fruit trees (lots of banana trees), jungles, rivers… It is an amazing experience! From the coast you can go to the islands. For the younger ones who want to find the perfect mix of diving and party go to Utila. If you need more luxury and you want to rest on perfect white sand beaches Roatan is waiting for you.

8 million people for 112.000 km² gives a low density of population, which leaves the lands for the country’s significant natural resources such as minerals (gold, silver copper), timber, coffee, sugar cane. The economy is based mostly on agriculture, accounting for 22% of the GDP. The main exports are coffee, bananas and shrimps. However, the Honduran economy has diversified in recent decades and now has a strong export-processing (maquila) industry, primarily focused on assembling textile and apparel goods for re-export to the United States, as well as automobile wiring harnesses and similar products.