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Car Export to Nicaragua

Did you know that the lake Nicaragua is the only lake on earth where you can find fresh water sharks? If you go and spend some time on Ometepe island you should be able to see this other wonder of nature. Leal villa de Santiago de Managua (today’s Managua, the capital) has its own lake as well. It is a typical colonial city with fantastic landmarks such as the “Plaza de la Revolucion” and the old cathedral (designed and shipped from Belgium by architect Pablo Dambach). If you go down south through Rivas take a moment and visit San Juan del Sur, which in our view is one of the best beach spots of Nicaragua for its unique atmosphere.

Located between Honduras, Costa Rica, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, 6 million people live on a little bit more than 130.000 km². Nicaragua is ranked 62nd best economy for starting a business: the economy is rated “62.7% free”, with high levels of fiscal, government, labor, investment, financial, and trade freedom. Agriculture and tourism are still the two major activities.