export brand new lhd vehicles only

Car Export to Guatemala

What would be worth more than a sunrise on the heights of the lake Atitlan? A visit of Tikal, an evening in Flores, a bus ride in “Guate City“, a party in Livingston, a Sunday in Chichicastenango… difficult to say! Guatemala is just one of the most authentic countries of Latin America, where the so nice local population perfectly turned into its own a colonial style full of colours.

The area of 109.000 km², the population of more than 13 million, the dynamic growth on export of non traditional products reaching more than 53% of global exports… make this republic a real opportunity for investment. Even if the service sector remains the biggest contributor to its GDP, the industry sector (mining particularly of gold, silver, cobalt, zinc and nikel) and the agricultural sector (organic coffee, sugar cane, fresh vegetable exports) keep a very important place as well. Planitium will focus on all these sectors to offer its full range of products and services to ease their development.