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Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Double Cab Trucks from Dubai

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Despite revisions forced on it over the decades to improve comfort, performance and safety, the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 remains as basic and rugged as it can be. That’s because its loyal global customer base, which relies on the trusty ‘70’ to get them in and out of the most hostile and remote places on the planet, demand this simple is better’ approach and that’s why it’s still only available with a manual gearbox and floor-mounted mechanical shifter for the transfer case, the door mirrors are still mounted on single hoops of bent steel, the steering is still the rugged old-school recirculating ball-type rather than the ubiquitous rack and pinion, there’s still a rigid front axle rather than a fancy independent set-up and the massive ladder-frame chassis with 3180mm wheelbase looks fit for combat duty.

The Toyota LC79 (like all 70 series land cruisers) is a peerless off-roader. Its part-time, dual-range 4×4 transmission offers a hands-and-knees 44:1 crawl ratio, combined with Toyota’s outstanding a-trac active traction control, automatic-locking front hubs and front and rear diff locks. The Toyota LC79 is much easier to live with on a daily basis than you would expect.

All the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Double Cab comes with wheelbase: 3180 mm,with deck dimensions (L X W X H) mm: 1525 x 1600 x 415, with 5-speed M/T, with fuel tank: 130l, with ABS + VSC + BA + EBD + HAC + ATRC, with air bag on driver and passenger , with air conditioner / heater, a floor mats, with halogen headlamps, mudguards: front + rear, a power door lock, power windows, with fabric seats, a side step, with schnorkel and a usb fast charger.

At Planitium FZE in Dubai,we have the following range available for export on Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Double Cabin:

Toyota LC GRJ79 4.0 Gas Man Double Cab LX E ZT 2020: 
This is a 4.0 Ltr gasoline, V6 Cyl, Petrol EFI,VVTI engine : Euro 2, with tyres: 225/95R16 (tubeless), audio with AM/FM, CD USB, 2 Speakers, with glove box with key, with gray painted wheel rims, a power steering with tilt & telescopic mechanism, with green laminated.

Toyota LC GRJ79 4.0 Gas Man Double Cab LX G ZT 2020:
It has 265/70R16C and it is an alloys, with audio: 7″ navigation system with AM,FM,DVD,USB, AUX, bluetooth, with 2 pcs auxiliary fuel tanks, with Toyota logo chrome grille, an electrical winch, painted+chrome front bumper, with front fog lamps, a keyless entry system, with rear camera, rear differential lock, with top shade on windshield glass and a wooden steering wheel.

Toyota LC VDJ79 4.5 TDSL Man Double Cab E ZT 2020: 
This model is a diesel version. It has the same options as the above GRJ79 LX E. The overall dimensions is (L X W X H)MM: 5235 X 1790 X 1960, 4.5Ltr, V8, diesel engine with turbo charger : Euro 0, has an auxiliary fuel tanks – 2 Pcs, free wheel hub.

Toyota LC VDJ79 4.5 TDSL Man Double Cab V ZT 2020: 
This model has highest options among the other Land Cruiser 79 double cabin. Wheel size is 265 / 70 R16 alloy. Has an audio 7″ navigation system with AM,FM,DVD,USB, AUX, Bluetooth, with Toyota logo chrome grille, with cool glove box, an electrical winch, a keyless entry system, power antenna, with rear camera and with rear differential lock.

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