Since Toyota does not redesign the Land Cruiser frequently, the arrival of this 300 series in 2022 is a big deal. This car model includes a more modern interior and is lighter and more powerful than the 200 series iteration.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is a legendary off-road SUV that combines rugged capability with modern luxury. Renowned for its durability and performance, the Land Cruiser 300 is the latest iteration of Toyota’s long-standing Land Cruiser series. The vehicle features a powerful V6 engine, advanced off-road technologies, and a spacious, well-appointed interior. Whether navigating challenging terrains or cruising the city streets, the new Land Cruiser 300 offers a comfortable and capable ride.


Toyota Land Cruiser 300 TT GXR V weighs almost 440 pounds less than its predecessors. It includes 2 engines: a gasoline drive twin turbo V6 3.4 liter with 409 HP and 479 pound-feet of torque and a turbo diesel twin turbo 3.5 liter V6 with 516 pound-feet of torque and 304 Horsepower. The automatic transmission comes in 10 speeds with multi-mode. The four-wheel drive is standard across the entire board. There are vent disc rear and front brakes with a 4-link rear suspension.


The Land Cruiser 300 TT GXR V comes with 7 power seats along with headrests. The enormous tablet-style infotainment screen includes a 4.2 inches multi information display. The dashboard has a cleaner layout compared to its previous models. There are three seat rows, with the third row folding into the floor for improved cargo capacity. Toyota Land Cruiser 300 TT GXR V includes a console box in the rear part of the AC ventilation. An electro chromic rear-view mirror is inside and with a leather and wooden steering wheel. The user can also adjust the seats with a vertical seat adjuster.


Land Cruiser 300 TT GXR V coming with Colour keyed Aero, Black painted bumpers, Coloured door handles, High mount stop lamp, Power with Retractable + ECM, Side protection moulding, Sun / moon roof and Green windshield glass.

Land Cruiser 300 TT GXR V Safety Features

Land Cruiser 300 TT GXR V gasoline SUV is also way ahead in terms of safety. The vehicle includes an autonomous emergency braking system with cyclist and pedestrian detection. This model also comes with active cruise control, lane-keeping technology, and an auto high beam that assists in lane tracing. Reversing camera, LED headlights, auto collision notification, tracking of stolen vehicles, and an SOS button are the standard features of this Land Cruiser 300 series.

Overall, Toyota Land Cruiser 300 3.5L TT Gasoline GXR V includes greater strength, outstanding driver controlling systems, and appropriate 4WD for giving tough competition to the other SUVs on the road.

Export Toyota Land Cruiser 300 from Dubai

Export Toyota Land Cruiser 300 from Dubai is a popular choice for buyers around the world looking for this iconic SUV. Dubai is a hub of vehicle exports, offering a wide range of Land Cruiser new models. The new Land Cruiser 300, renowned for its durability, off-road capability, and luxury features, is in high demand globally.

Buyers who choose to export a Toyota Land Cruiser from Dubai can often enjoy tax benefits and competitive pricing due to favourable import/export policies and economies of scale. Dubai’s strategic location also makes it an ideal starting point for shipping vehicles to Africa, Latin America and other various destinations.