The Hilux 4X4 DLX G Pickup is a great option to buy and pass down through the generations. It is primarily due to its potent diesel engine, off-road prowess, plush interior, and legendary dependability.

The Toyota Hilux Pickup is a rugged and dependable compact truck that has earned a reputation for its durability and versatility. Renowned for its ability to endure the harshest of conditions, the Toyota Hilux has become a symbol of resilience and practicality. It is widely used in various parts of the world, from remote work sites to off-road adventures, thanks to its robust design and reliable performance.

The Toyota Hilux Pickup is available in a range of configurations, including single cab, extended cab, and double cab models, offering flexibility to suit different needs. Its powerful engines, robust suspension, and four-wheel-drive capability make it a capable workhorse both on and off the road. Additionally, the Hilux offers a comfortable and well-equipped interior, providing a balance of utility and comfort.

Hilux 4X4 DLX G Pickup Engine

The Toyota Hilux 4X4 DLX G Pickup is appealing due to its model variety and adaptability. Four cylinders that are filled with fuel power its engine. There are 16 valves and 2.7 liters of capacity in each cylinder. At 5200 rpm, it can generate 164 horsepower. The 2.4L manual double-cab pick-up, with a claimed fuel use of 6.9L/100km, is the most fuel-efficient 4×2 model, according to Toyota’s claimed fuel numbers. The 2.7-liter double-cab pick-up, with the manual consuming a reported 7.2L/100km, is also the most economical 4×4 model.


When you upgrade to the Hilux 4X4 DLX G, you’ll find extra comfort amenities, like front bucket seats with better fabric upholstery. The new Toyota Hilux 4X4 DLX G then adds privacy glass, a quality shifter and steering wheel, front and rear parking sensors, and carpeting. For extended trips, there is a headrest in each seat. Additional interior features include a console box, sun visor, inner rear-view mirror, tachometer, digital clock etc.

Hilux 4X4 DLX G Pickup Safety Features

The entire line-up comes standard with the complete complement of Toyota Safety Sense technology. It includes lane departure warning with steering assistance, high-speed adaptive cruise control, and auto emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist recognition. All models have the standard SRS airbags. This Hilux 4×4 version offers Hill Start Assist Control, Trailer Sway Control, Downhill Assist and Limited Slip Differential. All the models are also equipped with front and rear parking sensors. Additionally, the Hilux 4X4 DLX G Pickup includes rear cross-traffic warning, blind-spot monitoring, and a panoramic view monitor.

The Toyota Hilux 4X4 DLX G Pickup provides buyers with a lot of value. It receives a powerful 2.7-liter turbo-diesel with 150 kW and 420 Nm and boasts the best combination of cabin design and storage. An unlimited array of aftermarket extras is available for it, and it is also famous for off-road. So these are the reasons the Toyota Hilux is a consistent best-seller on the global market.

Export Brand New Hilux 4X4 DLX G Pick-up from Dubai

Export brand new Toyota Hilux 4X4 DLX G Pickup from Dubai is a popular choice for buyers looking for a rugged and versatile pickup trucks. Dubai is known for its robust automotive export market and favorable export policies, making it an ideal hub for those seeking to purchase and export vehicles like the Toyota Hilux Trucks.

The Toyota Hilux 4X4 DLX G Pickup, celebrated for its reliability and off-road capability, is in high demand globally. Buyers exporting the Hilux from Dubai can often benefit from competitive pricing, a wide selection of models, and the advantage of Dubai’s strategic location for shipping to various international destinations.