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Toyota Hilux Double Cabin Diesel Pick-ups from Dubai

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In the world of pickup trucks, the Toyota Hilux is one of the most practical and affordable pickups you can buy. If reliability is your primary pickup concern, the Toyota Hilux Is a sensible starting point. That it’s also comfortable, very capable off-road and it’s a versatile all-rounder as well.

Compared with the previous model, Toyota Hilux Pickups has significantly improved driving characteristics both on- and off-road. This makes it one of the most accomplished pickups currently on sale. Comfort levels in the Hilux are also good enough to make regular pickup truck drivers and passengers sit up and take notice. Toyota has managed to deliver a vehicle that does a better than average job of cushioning the blows from bumpy terrain. In regular road driving, it’s now very nearly as smooth as a car, with only very sharp intrusion or sudden potholes sending shock waves through the cabin.

The Toyota Hilux has a strikingly modern interior, something you may not necessarily expect of pickup truck so traditionally associated with hard-working reliability and practicality. The Hilux feels well made, and if the materials aren’t necessarily the most luxurious they do at least give the impression that they are built to last.

All the Hilux Double Cab Diesel Pickup comes in a 2.4 and 2.8 liter engine, 4 CYL, 16 V, DOHC, with a 148HP power, torque: 40.8 Kgm with a double wishbone front suspension and rear with leaf spring, fuel tank capacity is 80L, with a driver and passenger airbag, an ABS + EBD + BA + VSC + hill assist / trailer sway, has air conditioner & heater, with tyre pressure monitoring system.

At Planitium FZE in Dubai,we have the following range available in Toyota Hilux Double Cab Diesel:

Toyota Hilux 2.4 TDSL Man Double Cab 4×4 DLX-E Pickups:
As the most basic model it is with common-rail diesel engine W/Intercooler (Euro4 W/OBD), it is a 6 speed manual transmission, tyre is 225 / 70 R17C all terrain steel general silver with steel spare, with an airbag in driver and passenger, there is an AM/FM CD,A USB, AUX, with bluetooth and 2 speaker (OE type2 new design), the front bumber is colour keyed and the rear is steel step chrome, the seat is fabric, with glove box , the headlamp is a multi reflector and it is halogen, with power and tilt steering, with rear fog lamp, a rear differential lock, the rear window is sliding, a steering wheel W/Control switches, and with dlx badge and a safety kit.

Toyota Hilux 2.4 TDSL Man Double Cab 4×4 DLX-G Pickups:
This is more equipped version, in addition to basic model, this comes with black fabric door trim, with keyless entry system, has front and rear mudguard, a power door lock, with power outer mirrors with turn signal, and a power window.

Toyota Hilux 2.4 TDSL Auto Double Cab 4×4 DLX-G Pickups:
This is the basic model in an automatic transmission line, it’s 5 seater, with 6-speed automatic trasmission, with front separate seats, an Eco/Power mode switch, with LID console box, and with seat back pocket.

Toyota Hilux 2.4 TDSL Man Double Cab 4×4 GLXS-V Pickups:
This is the top option in a manual transmission line-up. It is a 6 speed manual transmission, tyre size is 265 / 65 R17 all terrain alloy, it’s a 5 seater, with 6 speakers, the display audio is W/DVD and W/ Back camera (OE type1), driver side is with knee airbag, spare wheel is steel, auto air conditioner W/ Rear AC vents, the light control system is W/follow me home, the inside door handles are chrome, with cool glove box, fabric door trim W/Silver garnish, with front fog lamps, with front steel bumper, the passenger seat is slide type, with rear differential lock, there is a side step, SR5 grade mark, with superior fabric seat material, a tailgate lift, GLX-S badge, with front and rear mudguards and with USB charger.

Toyota Hilux 2.4 TDSL Auto Double Cab 4×4 GLXS-V Pickups:
This has the same options as the above manual transmission- GLXS V, only difference is this type is an automatic transmission.

Toyota Hilux Diesel Auto Double CAB 4X4 GLX-V Pickup Trucks:
This model is a 2755CC, with 174 horse power, 4 cylinder ,16V, with EFI and common rail & intercooler (Euro4 W/OBD) with catalytic converter it is a part-time 4WD options with auto disconnect differential and has rear auto disconnect differentials, in colour keyed front bumper, this is with smart entry + push button start, with anti-theft immobiliser, a telescopic steering manual electrical lock, has a GLX badge and with rear view camera.

Toyota Hilux 2.8 Diesel Auto Double Cab 4×4 Platinum Pickups:
This model comes in two colors: Red and Blue, it is a 2.8L Engine, with rear differential lock, with 18” alloy wheels, with 7” touchscreen, leather seats, bluetooth, Wi-fi, HDMI port, 6-speakers and mirrorlink capabilities, a cruise control, with high-beam halogen, halogen fog lights, a power windows with one-touch up/down for all windows, and with bed liner.

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