The Lexus brand SUVs are considered as the best-selling luxury crossover, but Lexus RX350 Gasoline Elite is taking the higher level. This 5 seater SUV has outsold the entire 7 seater car models by a broader margin, making it one of the best fits for the passengers.

Lexus RX350 Elite Engine

This Lexus RX350 Elite 5 Seater SUV includes a 2.4-litre turbocharged engine with 275 horsepower tuning. The vehicle runs on gasoline and switches to 8-speed Automatic Transmission due to the integrated electric motor boosting the front axle torque to 339 lb-ft. Another 80 kW motor is on the rear axle with its committed inverter and power-supplying unit. There is a metallic nickel hydride battery under the rear seats. The Lexus RX350 Elite can pick up from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.9 seconds. The car has adaptive dampers, bigger wheels and brakes, and dynamic rear steering.

Lexus RX350 Elite Interior

The inside cabin of the Lexus RX350 Elite comes with a handsome and simple design. The dashboard includes a 14 inches navigation display screen with subwoofers. The climate control is located on the touchscreen, and a 7-inch standard digital instrument cluster is also present. The user can set up a low position for the steering wheel without blocking the gauges. The door opens with an electronic latches button and includes a safe exit assist preventing the user from opening the door. It is particularly applicable if the car detects it can collide with another vehicle while moving in the blind spot.

Lexus RX350 Elite Safety Features

The Lexus RX350 Elite has a pre-collision emergency braking system with new intervention and detection during the turns and intersections. Road sign assist, lane departure prevention, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams and many other features make this car the best from a safety point of view. The car also includes a proactive driving assist that implements steering assist and automatic braking to control the speed near the bends. Advanced parking assist helps the user to steer, accelerate, brake and park the car in parallel or perpendicular spaces.

Due to these outstanding features, Lexus RX350 Elite SUV is outselling other models. Its smart technology and powertrain options help to maintain its position as one of the top luxury crossover cars ever created.