Mali has been an important contributor to Africa’s economy. Right from agricultural produce to demand for automobiles, the landlocked nation has been impacting trade on a global scale. The population of 18 million depends largely on agriculture for sustenance. However, it also has a growing population that requires better quality lifestyle.

It is no wonder that in line with this demand, there is a strong demand for vehicles imported to Mali from other hubs of automobile industry including the Dubai. In Mali, vehicles other than railway contribute to 6.7% of total imports. This speaks a lot about the immense contribution made by the export cars to Mali from Dubai, UAE. With the rise of banking and regulated financial institutions in Mali, the concept of financing has taken good shape in recent years. This has led to easy access to financing to the general public. As an outcome, the demand for foreign brands like Toyota Land Cruiser, Hiace mini bus and Hilux pickup trucks are growing steadily. With enhanced government support, there is a good impetus for major automotive brands to make a foray into Mali with the help of reputed exporters like Planitium Car Exports.

Dubai Car Export

Why opt for Dubai, UAE?

Mali has strict regulations about what type of cars can be imported into the nation. In order to abide by the various laws, there needs to be a strong international framework that will allow the manufacturer to supply brand new vehicles from its nearest hubs to Mali. Of the possible choices, the cosmopolitan and modern day business set up in Dubai, UAE emerge as the best selection to export cars to Mali. Many industry leaders like Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi have set up dedicated hubs in Dubai, UAE in order to facilitate smooth export cars from Dubai to Mali. The open trade policy of the Arab nation and its well-equipped maritime and airspace infrastructure makes Dubai the automatic choice to export cars to Mali. Dubai acknowledges the tremendous business potential provided by Mali and its demand for international brands of vehicles. Through experts like Planitium Car Exports, the emirate is able to successfully deliver on this demand. The company has a good knowledge of the regulatory norms and import-export documentation needed to comply with laws in UAE. They have ready availability of high-end Sedan cars, SUVs, Deliver van, Buses and Pick-up trucks from top brands like Toyota, Nissan and Honda. This makes Planitium a preferred choice of export partner for brand new cars to Mali from Dubai port.

Export New Cars from Dubai

At Planitium, we have the expertise as a leading car exporter in Dubai. We offer customers a range of private and commercial vehicles. With our assistance, you can pick and select from a wide array of sedans, 4×4, trucks, buses, and pickups. We have waste experience and knowledge to arrange for the export of new vehicles to Mali, Africa from Dubai and other regions in Africa with all paperwork, export, and customs clearance handled by our team.
Planitium Car Exports has a dedicated team that knows about the norms and compliance needed to abide by the laws in UAE.

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