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Cars export to Colombia from Dubai

South America has seen a massive surge in its economy in recent years. With agricultural produce and manufacturing booming, the economic condition of residents of South America has shown a tremendous positive upsurge. As a result, there has been a boost in the imports in this region. Out of the countries that are driving this upswing, Colombia is a significant contributor.

Cars export to Colombia

Its top 10 imports in 2017 include Machinery including computers: US$5.5 billion (11.9% of total imports), Electrical machinery, equipment: $5 billion (10.8% of total imports), Mineral fuels including oil: $3.7 billion (8.1%), vehicles: $3.6 billion (7.9%), and pharmaceuticals: $2.2 billion (4.8% of total imports). It is clear that people in Colombia are preferring quality products and the demand for those cannot be met on international scale internally. Hence the demand for imports of these components. This explains the favorable market demand for cars export to Colombia from Dubai. Big automobile manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan and Honda are seeing South American countries as a great business opportunity. Suppliers such as Planitium Car Exports are tapping into the Colombian car import market with a range of hi-end and luxury models. They have the experience in delivering SUVs, sedan cars, buses and Pick-up trucks. They take care of packaging and logistics to get the car from the city center to the Dubai port for its export to Colombia.

Why Colombia is a lucrative market?

As per research, Colombia has almost 3.8 million vehicles on its roads. Almost 60% of these are imported vehicles. Dubai has recognized the potential on offer at Colombia and hence has set up infrastructure to enable smooth car export to Colombia from Dubai. With ease of doing import-export, Dubai is a natural fit when Colombian residents look for a viable hub for imported car brands like Toyota and Nissan. With 59.5% of total cars in imports, exporters like Planitium Car exports come in handy with their dedicated service network. With this, they enable a smooth flow of brand new imported cars from Dubai to Colombia. It is vital to know the customs and regulatory protocols for both – the source and destination countries.

Cars export to Colombia

Planitium Brand New Car Exporters has a rich experience servicing paperwork for Dubai export laws. This enables the company to export car to Colombia, South America from Dubai. With major brands and models like Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus, HiLux pickups and HiAce mini buses on its inventory, car exports to Colombia from Dubai becomes a seamless and hassle-free transaction. Get in touch with Planitium Car Exports for affordable yet high performance international models in brand new cars.

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