Latin America

It is one of the most interesting regions on the planet, not only for its numerous amazing natural sites such as the Amazon, the Andes, the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Caribbeans, the lakes, the waterfalls,... but more importantly  for its people, who seem to know the secret of happiness, for their history full of wisdom, adaptation and for their mix of cultures, which always have in common colours, music, rhythms, dance, flavour, senses and smile. For those who never visited this region: make it your next destination, you won't be disappointed.

Latin America is the region of the Americas where primarily romance languages are spoken. It counts around 20 million km², ie. around 13% of the land on Earth, where more than 600 million people are living. The economy has clearly been booming in the past years and its growth will further be exponential in the immediate future, which makes it a real opportunity for business.

We personally visited extensively all the countries of the following list, on which we wish to share brief examples of what we have seen and lived there, insisting on how much we love these countries and how strong our will is to develop/promote promising business trends with them.

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