é bom means it's good!! Why does Brazil ring like football, nature, immensity? Maracana, Vascos, Corinthians, Amazon, Pan de Azucar, Corcovado, caipirinha are Brazilian words! Go to Rio de Janeiro, one of the nicest beaches in the world (Copacabana, Leblon, Guanabara and  the girl from Ipanema...) and how about la "Candelaria", fantastic church in the centre, the monastery of Sao Bento, la Plaça Quince,... on the coast, the cities of Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador de Bahia, Florianapolis are as many mythic places. Taking a tour in the Amazone is a must such as visiting the Iguazu falls drawing the border with Argentina and Paraguay. Yes you have it all in Brazil and the world cup of 2014 is the perfect opportunity to visit it.

Brazil's territory covers more than 8.5 million km² shared by more than 200 million people. It makes it the fifth largest country in the world both by its geographical area and by its population. Part of the BRICs it has one of the world's fastest growing major economies, which in our view should lead to further exchanges with the Middle East.