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Dubai has emerged recently as a car hub especially for the globally popular Japanese brands like Toyota, Nissan and Honda. It is true that these car brands do not have a worldwide presence. For instance, in countries like Brazil and Argentina, these brands have a low penetration. Hence, residents of countries in South America, Latin America, and Africa prefer to have it exported from reliable source nations like UAE.

As a hub for Japanese car brands like Toyota, Dubai holds a stellar reputation as a car exporting source. It is no surprise that many residents prefer to use Dubai as the place from there they export their favorite vehicles like Land Cruiser, Hiace mini bus or Hilux Pickups. When you are looking for a reliable car exporter, make sure that they have a good shipping mechanism in place to import the car into the South or Latin American countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. One of the 2 channels of shipping are preferred as below;

Export Cars from Dubai

It is usually packed in containers or in a Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) ship. If it is for a nation in South America, Latin America, or Africa, then its best to have it sent packed in a container looking at the long voyage times needed to reach South America. Ports in Panama, Mexico, Bolivia and Brazil are well equipped to handle large sized containers that have the imported cars coming in.

This is a comparatively expensive option, but is one of the quickest ways to exports cars from Dubai. The cars are strapped down in order not to shuffle around when being flown to its destination in South America, Latin America, or Africa.

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Go for Planitium Car Exports

With a dependable car exporter like Planitium Car Exports, you can easily look forward to exporting the car to South America, Latin America, and Africa. With us, you can get a smooth and trouble-free export of brand new cars from Dubai.

Our team of experts come in handy when you need to complete the various customs, docks, and international formalities before transferring the brand new vehicle from Dubai.

We have a ready availability of premium brands like Toyota. With us, you can select a range of models such as Land Cruiser 200, Prado, Fortuner, HiLux Pickups and the Hiace mini bus. Connect with us at Planitium, we can take you through a list of models that you can pick for yourself for your commuting in South America, Latin America, and Africa.

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September 23, 2018